3 things you wouldn’t expect to find in Madrid

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Madrid is a city known for hosting popular monuments and spaces such as the Puerta del Sol, Puerta de Alcalá or the Retiro. However, in the capital of Madrid there are other unique, iconic places that you wouldn’t expect to find in the city and that will surely surprise you. Take a look at them, and let us know whether we were right or not.
The Walk of Fame
A Walk of Fame in Madrid? Although you may only know the famous Hollywood Boulevard, here is also one in Madrid that can be visited every day of the year. It was established under the name of Calles de Cine, with the aim of paying tribute to the most prestigious actors and filmmakers in Spanish cinema.
It is inspired by the Hollywood Walk of Fame and features 26 actors, directors, producers and screenwriters such as Pedro Almodóvar, Antonio Banderas, Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz and Sara Montiel.
Where can it be found? It’s in the first section of Calle de Martín de los Heros in the Argüelles district.
The Sistine Chapel
The heart of the Malasaña district is home to the Church of San Antonio de los Alemanes and houses what has become known as the Sistine Chapel of Madrid. This church is unique in Madrid as it is built on an ellipsoidal floor plan.
And although its exterior may not attract much attention, when you go inside you’ll find impressive fresco paintings that cover the entire ceiling. The artists responsible for this marvel of art are Lucca Giordano, Francisco Rizzi and Juan Carreño de Miranda. The work depicts the life of Saint Anthony of Padua.
An Egyptian temple
Near the Plaza de España is an Egyptian temple from the second century BC. The Temple of Debod was donated to Spain by the Egyptian government so as not to fall victim to flooding after the construction of the Aswan High Dam. The temple was rebuilt brick-by-brick and retained the orientation from its original site.
The chapel of the temple is dedicated to the gods Amon and Isis and is decorated with reliefs. In addition, so that you can discover the history of this temple in depth, you will find models, videos and audiovisual projections on the walls throughout the route you take. It’s the best way to get to know Egyptian culture without even leaving the capital of Madrid.
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