The most extravagant side of Madrid before your very eyes

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Madrid nightlife is famous worldwide. However, there are still a lot of little secrets to be found beyond its more conventional discos and pubs. If you’re looking for an experience that is a bit more quirky, kitsch or cool and where fun is absolutely guaranteed, these are the perfect places for you. Get ready to experience the famous “Madrid scene”! Read full article

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3 fun things to do at Madrid Rio

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Madrid Río is a recreational and cultural area that runs alongside part of the Manzanares River. In recent years, it has been totally redeveloped and has become really popular and fashionable among locals and visitors to the city. Here are three ideas for things to do in the area for a great day out. 

Madrid Río_ok

A cultural morning at the Matadero

The old slaughterhouse (Matadero) in Madrid has now been turned into a small town dedicated to the world of culture. Read full article

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The best ice cream in Madrid

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To cope with the heat of Madrid, there is nothing better than a dip in a pool and a great ice cream. Madrid has some of the best ice cream parlours in Spain. Do you prefer classic vanilla or more exotic flavours? Summer is the best time for these little pleasures in life. 

helado chocolate_ok

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Terrace culture in Madrid

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Summer and terrace go hand in hand in Madrid. And when it starts to get really hot, there’s nothing better than a lovely terrace and a cold beer or fresh cocktail to combat the heat. Here are four suggestions for terraces where you can enjoy a fantastic sunset in Madrid with your friends or your partner.  Read full article

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The best swimming pools in Madrid for a hot day

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One of the best bits about Madrid in the summer are the evenings and nights. But, during the day, the heat can make things difficult. So, we recommend spending the hottest hours of the day in one of the city’s municipal pools.


Vicente del Bosque Municipal Sports Centre

This sports centre is located near to Cuatro Torres. Read full article

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The best shopping outlets in Madrid that won’t hurt your bank balance

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The sales are coming and there is nothing better than an outlet for the best offers on the top brands. If you don’t know of any outlets in Madrid, don’t miss this post which will detail the top three in the Spanish capital.


Las Rozas Village

Of the three in this list, Read full article

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Gatoterrazas, the best way to reach the Madrid sky

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Summer has arrived and we bring you the best idea to celebrate its debut. All you have to do is bring your sunglasses, sun-cream and intention to have lots of fun, and then you can enjoy the best music, a delicious brunch and the best outdoor activities. And although by name it may seem like an event only for Madrid’s cats (“gato” = “cat”), everyone’s invited. Read full article

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Madrid’s 4 natural swimming pools

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Who said there’s no beach in Madrid? And now that the heat has arrived, what we feel like most is a refreshing dip. Madrid city may not have a beach like those on the east coast, but we do have several refreshing alternatives that mean you can escape from the city for a day, enjoy nature and take a swim in one of these four natural pools. Read full article

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The alternative Madrid not to be missed

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There is a Madrid for every type of person. In this post, we’ll tell you about the Madrid that is less well known by tourists, with alternative and original ideas that are sure to surprise. Are you ready to discover a new side of the Spanish capital?


Statue of the Fallen Angel

This sculpture, Read full article

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Three low-cost plans you cannot miss during the San Isidro festivities in Madrid

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On 10-15 May Madrid celebrates one of its most anticipated festivities of the year: San Isidro. During these days there will be chulapos aplenty showing off their traditional dances, music and spectacles. If you want to make the most of these days without feeling the pinch, check out these three plans. Read full article

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