The best places for skating in Madrid

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Now that winter is behind us and we are entering a new season – spring –, it’s time to start making outdoor plans. Roller skating has quickly become one of the most popular sports in recent years. That’s why we have prepared a list of the best places where you can practice this activity on weekends, Read full article

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The best burgers in Madrid

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Burgers have gained a considerable number of followers in recent years. Until recently, we only used to eat them in fast-food restaurants. But now gourmet burgers are on the rise. Today we want to introduce you to the very best restaurants in Madrid that specialise in this American meal. 

Juancho’s burgers: the best in Spain

In Chamberí Market is a place where we can savour the very best burgers in Spain, Read full article

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Everything you need to know to go on a low-cost trip to Madrid

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Madrid is one of the most popular destinations among young people. The city offers a wide range of cultural, leisure and gastronomic activities at affordable prices. What’s more, the Spanish capital is a living city with an unforgettable nightlife you are bound to enjoy. Start by packing your bag and we will tell you why you your next trip should be to Madrid. Read full article

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A journey through Madrid’s urban art scene

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Works of urban art can be seen on many of the Spanish capital’s façades, waiting for people to stop and admire their bursts of poetry and colour. Some are in half-forgotten places where few people go, and others are in the heart of the city. These murals that cannot be found in any museum are waiting to be discovered. Read full article

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The best tacos in Madrid

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The Day of the Taco is celebrated on 31 March. And although Mexican food is overall one of the most popular cuisines around the world, if there’s one dish that steals the show it’s tacos. In this post we’ll show you where to find the best tacos in Madrid so you can start celebrating in advance.  Read full article

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The best selfies in Madrid

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Selfies are currently one of the most popular ways of taking a photo. We don’t travel anywhere anymore without taking pics of ourselves in this way. In Madrid there’s a wide range of beautiful locations where we can seek the perfect selfie. Want to know where they are?

A selfie on Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor is one of Madrid’s most iconic locations and an unmatched spot for a good selfie. Read full article

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The best Christmas markets in Madrid.

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It’s not Christmas without a Christmas market. And in Madrid, we’re lucky enough to have a wide variety of markets to suit all tastes. If you want to fill yourself with Christmas spirit and buy some festive-themed products, don’t miss our top rated markets: 


Plaza Mayor Christmas Market

The main square in Madrid hosts the city’s most popular market over the festive season. Read full article

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Three unique activities for the December long weekend in Madrid.

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Three or four days, depending on where you live, to enjoy the very best activities in the Spanish capital. These unique suggestions will give you the opportunity to discover new experiences in Madrid. We’ve got the suggestions; all you have to do is pack your bags! Are you ready?

Concerts at Caixaforum Madrid

The first concert can be enjoyed on Friday 6 (at 18:00 and 19:00) and the group is Boli ma brujo, Read full article

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A journey through the history and enigmas of Madrid’s metro

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Madrid’s metro system was inaugurated 100 years ago by King Alfonso XIII. From that day until now, many stories have unfurled underneath the Spanish capital. Today we’re going on a journey around Madrid’s many hidden attractions and enigmas. What will you discover? Ghosts, archaeological remains, etc. Are you ready to begin? 

A museum in Ópera

At Ópera station we find an archaeological museum. Read full article

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Discover the neighbourhood in Madrid that has won over British hearts

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The leading British urban guide magazine Time Out has recently surveyed over 27,000 people in order to find the 10 best neighbourhoods in the world. And one of the chosen neighbourhoods was in Madrid. Do you want to know which one?

The lucky neighbourhood is the lively and diverse Embajadores. In 2018, it made it to first place. Read full article

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