Walks around the capital

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There are so many places to visit in Madrid, that the new tourist may find it a bit daunting. But thinking of Madrid as a big, cold and impersonal city is far from the truth. Although big in size, in its core, Madrid is still that little settlement that grew to become one of the mots culturally interesting and diverse cities in the world. Read full article

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Summer evenings around Huertas

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Summer is a magical time in Madrid, the whole feel of the city changes. Many locals move out for the summer and the usually buzzing city slows down for a couple of months. You will really enjoy the quiet pleasure of walking around the quaint and narrow streets in the Huertas area. Read full article

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Madrid, restaurants with a bit of bababoum or is it bababoom?

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Visiting Madrid and a bit fed up with the typical pizza and pasta? Want something a bit… let’s say… different… than the tapas everybody seems to be eating these days? Well, welcome to Madrid, this city is, if not yet a 24 hours city, at least a city where you can find quite a  lot most of the time. Read full article

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The best tapas bars in Madrid

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Madrid is a city where people love their tapas and spending time with friends sitting in a friendly and festive atmosphere. But of course, not any bar will do. Although, most bars will offer you good quality and a nice choice of beverages and tapas, there are a few that have that extra, Read full article

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Enjoying good food and wine

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One of the greatest pleasures to be enjoyed when visiting foreign lands is food as well as drink. Through the food and drink of an area one  can tell a lot about its culture and background. Madrid is no exception, a city rich in culture and art, this European capital is also well-known for its magnificent eateries and watering holes. Read full article

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Suculento restaurante en Madrid

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When travelling it’s very important to find those bargains when eating out, as well as finding those very typical eateries where to enjoy the local delicatessens for less, if possible. However, sometimes, we need to enjoy a special dinner out, especially if on a romantic break or travelling with those special people. Caffé dei Poeti is one of those places that can make your evening special. Read full article

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Resguardarse del frío en Madrid

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Although not as cold as other European cities, it is true that many tourists often misjudge the temperatures that Madrid can reach in Winter, especially late December and January. Luckily for all of us, there are also interesting places and activities that you can do while hiding from the cold.

Posada de Huertas is very well situated, Read full article

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El Museo Sorolla en Madrid

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The Museum Sorolla in Madrid is a celebration of the life and work of the famous Spanish painter Joaquin Sorolla Bastida, who is known as simply “Sorolla”. This great artist lived and worked between two centuries, between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. He is maybe best known for the gigantic project he worked on for 8 years, Read full article

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Un chocolate con churros en Madrid

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It is that something special about your holidays, that feeling of freedom that it gives you being away from home, and as well the need to try all the best the city has to offer. Madrid has this tradition, a very sweet one, it has the best drinking chocolate. 

Drinking chocolate in Madrid is not just a mere mix of water and cocoa, Read full article

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Almorzar con magia en Madrid

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Madrid is magical enough by itself, every area and every moment is special, and you will discover a whole world of excitement in this city. However, it is never a waste of time to have a definite plan and book a table somewhere you know will offer you all that excitement you are looking for.

Not far from Posada de Huertas is Glorieta de Bilbao, Read full article

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