Laugh at autumn with the best stand-up

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Joaquin ReyesAutumn is depressing? The lack of light brings out your melancholic side? Then you deserve a good laughing session. Luckily for you, the comedy scene in Madrid is a growing one and it consolidates itself year after year. For more than six seasons, the veteran Nancho Novo and his El Cavernícola (the Caveman) has been on stage, Read full article

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Malasaña awakens in autumn with Villamanuela

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MalasañaThe charm of early autumn, when temperatures are still soft and it’s still light, can be enjoyed in a district like Malasaña, with its terraces still open and cultural events such as the Villamanuela Festival. From Thursday 2nd. of October until Sunday 5th, the district prepares itself to receive a large number of concerts as well as gastronomic proposals, Read full article

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A visit to CaixaForum

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caixaforum madridInaugurated in 2008, CaixaForum has since become a fundamental element in the Paseo del arte, which is made up by the Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofía Museums. Its access is no longer for free except for the clients of laCaixa, the bank who owns it, but for 4 euros you can see its different exhibitions. Read full article

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Looking for the best hamburger in Madrid

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hamburguesas madridIt is an attraction in all the cities in the world and Madrid is no exception, especially when there are many quality hamburger joints around, more than just Foster’s Hollywood, which has been the favourite choice for those searching for the ultimate American-style burger. Home Burger is one of the options, a chain opened in 2007 whose restaurants are decorated with a mixture of modern and retro without frills, Read full article

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Comic book stores in Madrid

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Comic en MadridMen and women don’t just live from literature. For a while now, stores specialising in comic books have been emerging in Madrid, joining other veteran ones such as El Mono Araña on Calle Peñuelas, 14, known for its wide range of comic books but also for the events and presentations that take place there. Read full article

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Vegetarian restaurants in Madrid

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Comida vegetariana en MadridThere are still people who associate vegetarian food with boring and flavourless menus. However, this could not be further from the truth. Motivated by a type of food habit that has a growing fanbase, new restaurants have opened in Madrid that specialise in this cuisine without meat.

One of the most famous vegetarian ones is El Vergel, Read full article

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Madrid has no beach but it does have swimming pools

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Piscina MadridEveryone who visits Madrid for a prolonged period of time will at least once feel the need to go for a dip. For that, including a visit to one of the city’s swimming pools or going on a getaway to one of the nearby reservoirs is a recommendable option, because there are all types of tourism options in Madrid and swimming pools are no exception. Read full article

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Chueca, gay epicentre and much more

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Belonging to the Centro district and limited by the streets of Barquillo and Fuencarral, it is considered an example of gentrification, a harsh word that is used to talk about the reconversion processes of run-down districts into attractive ones full of commercial and active life. This is what happened with Chueca, deep in a hole in the 70s due to drug trafficking and crime. Read full article

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An afternoon in Malasaña

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MalasañaOne of the most flavourful districts in Madrid, cradle of hipsters, known for their big beats and checked shirts with all their buttons done up. This is an oasis of narrow streets, charming bars and shops in the heart of Madrid, owing its name to the heroin of the Dos de Mayo, Manuela Malasaña, who died on that fateful day, Read full article

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Parque de Atracciones theme park in Madrid

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An ideal plan to emulate Lou Reed’s Perfect Day as a visitor in Madrid is to go to Parque de Atracciones, a theme park in Madrid inaugurated in 1969 that preserves its charm from the past without suffering the decadence of Coney Island in New York. Easily accessible by metro, just three stops from Plaza España (Line 10, Read full article

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